Crime Coast

Welcome To Crime Coast

Welcome To Crime Coast

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Welcome to Crime Coast.


With its warm ocean waves lapping against miles of golden beaches lined with gently swaying palm trees, it is no surprise that this mountain-backed stretch of land has become host to prime real estate and picturesque coves full of moored superyachts. But don’t let the idyllic vistas deceive you – Crime Coast more than lives up to its name, for beneath the picture postcard exterior of this tropical island lies a dark underbelly of extortion, fraud, robbery and murder; a place where criminal syndicates from across the globe ply their nefarious trade.


Throughout history villains and ruffians have sought out a refuge to set up shop, safe in the knowledge that corruptible law enforcement officers are on hand to turn a blind eye while they build their illicit criminal empires. A long time ago in a place far, far away, law-breakers of all shapes and sizes used to gather in the dingy cantinas of a dusty desert port and plot their next big job. One respectable visitor of the time – a notable man who only used force when it was absolutely necessary – once described such a place as a “wretched hive of scum and villainy”, and little has changed in the years since except for the location, proving the old adage that criminals are indeed as thick as thieves.


Who says crime doesn’t pay?


The dozens of extravagant mansions dotted along Crime Coast certainly suggests otherwise. These are not the homes of rich and famous movie stars – these are the boastful spoils of endless turf wars which have rocked Crime Coast for decades and which continue to this day; proud displays of opulence earned through blood, sweat and a whole lot of dishonesty. As tempting as it may be to stroll up to the gilded gates and take a closer look, get a little nearer and you’ll soon realise that the residents are none too keen on prying eyes and armed guards are quickly on hand to send you on your way.
A guided tour of the island could be yours for a small fee, with willing guides happy to take you on a trip in one of their exclusive armoured buses protected with bullet-proof glass. There’s body armour available for hire as well (at an additional cost, naturally) allowing you to take a peek at the best properties dirty money can buy. From Whackapulco and Crooklyn to Scarplace and the Costa del Stole, Crime Coast’s nineteen towns and cities offer something for everyone.


If shopping is your thing then Crime Coast is noted for its exclusive retail outlets; just don’t complain about the excessive prices – after all, the store owners have to cover their protection fees or else they’ll face a visit from heavily-armed unwanted customers. After a hard day’s sightseeing why not kick back and relax in one of the many classy nightclubs? But make sure you don’t spill a drink on anyone as covering the cleaning bill will be the least of your worries!


Crime Coast doesn’t discriminate when it comes to the type of criminal it plays host to, with Californian biker gangs and Italian Mafioso tussling alongside Chinese Triads and Japanese Yakuza. With the law of the jungle the only one that really matters, you too could be in with a chance of joining the upper ranks of the criminal fraternity. Crime Coast is, after all, a true gangster’s paradise, and even a newcomer can make it big here, just so long as they’re prepared to be more deadly and ruthless than the next man. You may have to start small, but if you think big then that small operation shifting stolen goods or raiding weaker syndicates will soon grow and flourish into an outfit you can be proud of.


If you’re on the lookout for a gang in Crime Coast a criminal collaborator is only a stone’s throw away. For one thing, the lawyers here are as bent as a three dollar bill and are more than happy to help out a budding crime boss bust out an assortment of crooks, thieves and heavies from the local prison to join your crew. For the right amount of cash you could soon find yourself organizing raiding trips to take out neighbouring rival gangs, stealing their ill-gotten gains and hoarding it along with the rest of your loot in the safety of your own bank. There won’t be a problem getting your bank manager to look the other way and avoid asking any uncomfortable questions – after all, he’s on your payroll!


For the established crime boss, Crime Coast offers plenty of opportunities for obscene profits and the kind of glory and recognition enjoyed by tyrants and dictators. Play your cards right and you could find yourself immortalized in gold, your statue standing proud in the centre of your hard-earned empire, your minions bowing down before it in awe and admiration at the sheer greatness that is – you! But don’t get too complacent as your rivals will always be one step behind you just waiting for you to slip up – and when you do, expect them to unleash hell upon your forces, destroying everything you’ve worked so hard to build in a hail of bullets and bombs.


With their uncanny ability to lie through their teeth whilst smiling from ear to ear, it’s no surprise that the boss of a criminal syndicate is often mistaken for a politician. Much like their corrupt counterparts in government, the adroit crime boss is a master of deception highly skilled in the art of manipulation. So if you’re thinking about entering the fray and forming a gang of your own, you’d better be prepared to do whatever is necessary to get one up on your opponents (and there’s nothing more satisfying than destroying your rivals and running away with all their loot).


It might be a dog eat dog world here on Crime Coast. but if you have the right pedigree you’ll emerge a purebred instead of a mongrel. If you’re cunning, smart and unscrupulous and possess the quick-witted mind of the master villain, then Crime Coast is the perfect place to establish yourself as king of the criminals with the extravagant mansion and gang of henchmen to prove it. Just try not to let all the success go to your head – after all, the addiction to power can be the most dangerous of them all!


Good luck. You’re gonna need it!

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